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Well, if you’ve clicked on the category and are now reading this post, you’re probably curious about what I keep calling Ectomancy.

It’s a term I heard once that means “ghost magic” and I like it because it sounds fancy. I use it as a catch all term for any kind of sensing, communicative, or unconscious ability that a living human has involving ghosts. There are many different kinds, and though they seem to follow some general patterns, they inevitably vary wildly.

Most common are sensing abilities. The human brain does not have a means of interpreting the energy given off by ghosts or the living aura of people, and oftentimes it chooses to ignore that information entirely, filing it away in a bin in your brain labeled “does not compute.” However, many people find themselves experiencing strange phenomena in their senses when subject to paranormal experiences. Either, A, a spirit has manifested itself into the physical world and it is trying to make itself felt, or, B, a person’s brain is interpreting the uncomputable information as sensory input that it understands.

Take myself, for instance. I have extremely good vision, capable of reading a book in near darkness, seeing details others miss, and reading every freaking row in that eye chart they give you at the doctors so easily they get out a smaller chart. It appears that when faced with information it didn’t understand, my brain “made believe” that it was receiving visual input, and when I look for them, I can “see” ghosts.

For many people without a dominant sense, the information they receive is garbled and mixed, anywhere from shivers to a feeling of unease to audible static and all kinds of other stuff. In this section I hope to document every ability I’ve confirmed or have heard about but not confirmed yet. My confirmation test involves personally meeting a person claiming to be able to sense ghosts in some way and testing them on various entities I see. If they can sense over 90% of the entities that I can see with my own eyes, I count that ability as “confirmed. ” Nearly all confirmed abilities will wind up in this section, unless I am asked not to put them on here.

In theory, Ectomancy should be totally unique to each person, making it impossible to categorize. However, many trends appear, and many abilities I cannot explain satisfactorily. I hope to someday gain enough information to say for sure what causes a person to manifest these talents, and what causes them to not. Now, I have no clue.

Finally, I would like to say that not all abilities seem to come from the brain. There are some other strange talents that I categorize as “ectomancy” that are surely not from the brain of the living person’s interpretation of spiritual energy. There are several “unconscious” forms of ectomancy, which I will also cover in this section.


Inactive spirits make up the majority of the supernatural world. Generally speaking, they are the ghosts that you never hear about on paranormal shows, in tabloid newspapers, and the ghosts you should never ever worry about.

An inactive spirit is the spirit of a person who has no reason to stick around in the physical world once becoming a ghost. They look generally like the person that they were when they died, and for the most part they will stand still and stare in one direction for however long their energy lasts. Then they will disappear completely.

while this may sound rather melancholy, inactive spirits are the most comfortable with the world. Consider it a blessing if a loved one dies and you never hear anything from them again, because odds are they’ll simply stand around wherever they died or wherever they’re buried until they fade away, going on to whatever you choose to believe in afterwards. inactive spirits are at peace with the world and their place in it.

While inactive spirits never really seem that interesting to study, they do give some good information in terms of having a large number of subjects to test and examine. For that reason, I’ve compiled some data concerning inactive entities and their life cycle.

The span of time that an inactive entity is around generally works inversely to their age at death. Essentially, the older the spirit was in life, the less time it’ll take for them to fade out. The timespan ranges from a matter of hours or minutes at advanced ages to years only a few years after birth. As an inactive entity ages, it loses definition (to my sight, at least). When a person looks down at themselves, they generally see hands, torso, some leg and toes. Any other part of a spirit, the back, the majority of the leg, the back of the head, tends to fade quickest. As time goes on, even the parts that the spirit clearly remembers seem to stretch and warp, lending an aged inactive ghost a very bizarre appearance. In time, they will become a sort of amorphous blob of energy, then they will fade out entirely.

The only thing that seems to get some kind of reaction from inactive ghosts is ectomancy. They (and other kinds of spirit) seem to sense when a person is trying to get a bead on them, whether it’s me trying to shift into my clairvoyancy, or a clairaudient listening in, or what have you. Their heads turn, and they may even move towards the person.

It is not unheard of for an inactive spirit to manifest some way similar to a celebrity spirit. This is generally to contact a livingĀ  loved one, child, or friend, and generally only happens once or twice until fading. These nearly inactive spirits are spirits with some purpose they want to achieve before moving on, and generally will lapse into total inactivity after this message is sent or purpose achieved.

One of the easiest ways that most people dislodge parasitic entities is by passing through a threshold. As was explained before, ghosts respond to ideas of things, meanings placed on physical objects by people. The most effective method of dislodging a ghost is through the use of a symbol of protection, the idea of a wall.

There are many physical walls that are not meant to be barriers. A public office building or store is not meant to hold people out, it’s meant to invite them in. Therefore, a ghost would come with you were you to pass through the door and into the building. A building that is a symbol of protection, however, such as a person’s own home or whatever place they see as home, or a place that many people feel is protected, like a place of worship, police office, bank vault, bunker, etc, will turn spirits away at the door, even if the door is opened to let a living person through. This is called the threshold effect, and it is a particularly effective method of removing an unwanted spirit.

The only time a threshold will fail is if the ghost has “burrowed in” sufficiently that it has gained access to within the host’s aura. The ghost can then pass into a person’s physical body, and bypass the threshold, no matter how strong. At this point, strong foci and some kind of concerted banishment are recommended.

99% of the time, a person who is unknowingly harboring a spiritual entity will pass through a threshold or remove it some way by accident, before it has reached this point. A ghost will have to have been in place for months. This most commonly happens when a person moves to a new and unfamiliar place that they have yet to place meaning to. A person moving to a new house, for example, will not see it as “home” and spirits would find it easy to pass through the threshold at will. to be safe, when moving to a new place, carrying a focus object with oneself is recommended for the first few months, until you are familiar with the area and feel you “fit in”.

Foci (the plural of focus) are another excellent first line of defense against ghosts. They are symbolic objects that you hold dear. Anything you feel strengthens you spiritually could be a focus, and the most effective for keeping nasty things away are symbols that you believe protect you. remember, that since a ghost is the idea of a person, something that is a symbol of protection against harmful things will actually protect you. Foci are one of the major reasons that one of the best places to be if you want to be rid of spirits is a place you think of as home. Not only are we unconsciously more secure in our homes, which contributes to the threshold effect (explained in a different post) we are usually surrounded by symbols of safety and protection. Pictures of our loved ones. Symbols of faith.

In this ironic way, superstition can aid a person against spiritual entities. Old wives tales, good luck charms, and the like may do nothing realistically, but if a person truly believes in them and places faith in them, they can help against hostile spirits.

What makes a good focus? If you’re going to carry it around with you, a small object that you can wear as a piece of jewelry (most popular and effective are religious symbols.) something light (like a love letter, small picture, something like that) and most importantly, something you feel has a “protective” aura. These objects serve to fortify the person unconsciously. Not everyone wants to be suspicious, jumping at shadows at the time, and foci give us that assurance. sure, a person always on the alert for ghostly predators would be very safe from them just by making themselves an unattractive target, but what kind of life would that be? Foci are always useful as long as the person attaches meaning to them.

A word of caution: your foci will protect you and you alone. They are different from enchanted objects in that they do not carry energy inside themselves, they work to bolster the energy of the user. Therefore, a man of the cloth might be totally protected by a wooden cross amulet, but if he handed it to an atheist man, he would gain nothing. A focus will not protect your loved ones, your friends, anyone but you. If you’re looking for a way to protect another person, the easiest thing to do would be to bring them to their room, their space. Surround them in objects that they may or may not place meaning in, and odds are they will be better protected than anywhere else.

Anathema are a general way of getting hostile ghosts and parasites to stay away from you. They are symbolic objects, much like foci, but differ in that they are symbols that a spirit would place importance in, rather than you. The easiest example is money. A parasite focused on greed might latch on to money carried by a person rather than the person themselves. since money is so commonly carried, greed parasites are among the least dangerous, oftentimes just flitting around places where money is commonly exchnaged such as banks, stock exchanges and the like. There are many that are more difficult, however, Nightmares especially. Since a Nightmare is focused on fear, the best anathema would be a symbol of something you’re afraid of, but if you’re truly afraid of it, you may not want to carry it around or keep it at a waypoint.

Other common anathema items that prove effective are blood (spilled, not in one’s veins. Carrying a small vial or getting a paper cut) which seems to work to a small extent for many spirits. Ghosts seem inordinately interested in it, and for possible reasons why, one might look in “Theoretical Rambling”. Knives or weapons often help against spirits associated with anger. Mirrors seem to be a kind of catch-all for spirits, and work in a way similar to anathema for reasons I do not yet fully understand. The procedure for use of a mirror to repel a ghost is to spend a good time looking in the mirror, examining your face and the surrounding area, then abruptly move on. A ghost that has not been attached for long will be left standing at the mirror. it is in this way that many people inadvertently remove hostile entities from themselves.

The trick with Anathema is that they can cause a ghost to be drawn away from a person, but the ghost could just as easily come back if the person is made a more appealing target. carrying one’s anathema around with them is therefore a dangerous proposition. For example, let’s say a person owns a knife. An anger spirit uses the knife as anathema, but later on the person, still carrying the knife, is goaded into a fight. The hostile spirit would see the person as a more attractive target when radiating anger, and would enter them again. Compounding the problem is the fact that now, the person has a weapon at hand when their rage is being intensified by a hostile entity, causing potentially disastrous consequences.

The use of anathema to remove a spirit is therefore a “use and dump” process, at best. It may actually be a good idea to seek out anathema that you don’t own when you believe a spirit is affecting you, and then leave the area immediately after coming into contact with them. For instance, let’s say the person in the above example believes there is a spirit attached to them, causing them to be angry. He goes to a nearby army surplus store, and walks by a display case of weaponry and leaves the store. He would have left the spirit behind there.

Furthermore, anathema are not a perfect method. There is a window of around a month where anathema will be effective against an invasive parasite spirit, but after that, they will have become attached to the host and able to access their energy easily enough that an anathema, even a strong one, will no longer have any pull on the spirit. Therefore, when attempting to remove a spirit that you have detected in some way, anathema are best tried alongside other removal methods to be sure that you’ve got the parasite removed.

Hey everybody. This is a section on how to easily distinguish the work of a spiritual parasite or other malignant hanger-on from a normal physical or psychological ailment. This is mostly a way to test if there’s really something bad going on in a paranormal sense or not. Most of the time, your chosen brand of therapy, self help psychology, or medical attention will be much much much more effective than any of the spirit banishing techniques found in this section, and it’s very important to be sure that you know what you’re dealing with.

Method one: The easy method.

Do you know an ectomancer? Have they earned your trust in their spiritual detection abilities over the years? possibly the easiest method to determine whether you’ve got a parasite attached to you is to have them check you out. This method may also help in that they may even be able to tell you if you’d had one recently and are still feeling the effects. I would like to stress how important it is that you know for sure that this person is a legitimate ectomancer. Do not go to madame Glizinda at the fair. Also (to the extent of my knowledge) it is impossible to know whether a person is spiritually affected any way except face to face. Phone, skype, etc etc do not work.

Method two: Self-evaluation.

It’s obvious you have a reason for believing there’s something attached to you. Maybe you just don’t feel right. Maybe you have been having a string of nasty nightmares one after another, the kind that return in all their intensity as soon as you fall back asleep. Maybe you feel angry, sad, or horny all the time towards everyone for no reason at all, and you’re suspicious about it. Whatever it is, you have to look at yourself. Is there any other reason you might feel this way. Experiment by probing your thoughts for things that normally make you feel a certain way, and see if whatever emotion in question pervades them. If it seems like the emotion is being placed there intentionally, or heightened artificially, you may be under the effects of a parasite. Remember that spiritual parasites latch onto one emotion or feeling to the exclusion of all others. If you can think of any reason you may be feeling this, deep down, it may be a better idea to seek psychological therapy rather than spiritual.

Method three: Second Opinion.

If you are performing method 2 on yourself, this is a good idea to include. Approach a trusted friend, lover, parent, or advisor, and ask about your recent behavior. If they notice that something is off about you, or that you don’t seem like yourself, then it may be a good idea to look through a few of the other articles in this section, on anathema, foci, and removal methods. Again, if these don’t seem to change anything, a counselor or psychologist may be a better alternative.

This is the first, and probably most relevant, post in the Things that Go Bump section for a reason. Nightmares, or more generally, Spiritual Parasites, are the most common form of hostile spirit, and most people have had numerous brushes with them without knowing it.

When a person’s body dies, the ghost left behind is held together by a kind of “life energy” that was produced constantly by human beings. Think of it as a kind of fuel, like a car with gas. A ghost can do all kinds of things, alter its form, move around, and just continue to exist, but it all consumes this energy. Most commonly, a spirit will see no further reason to stick around in the world, and it will stand around doing nothing until it runs dry and fades away. There are other ghosts, I would estimate around 5%, that seek out ways to gain more energy. Most common out of all of those are spiritual parasites.

A living human being is a rich source of life energy, because it is continually replenished by the living body and the experiences and emotions of the living person’s “soul”. Parasitic ghosts are ghosts that, in life, experienced or created one kind of emotion or feeling so much or so exclusively, that they can actually tap into and consume that kind of energy in death, enough to “fuel” themselves indefinitely. For example, a ghost who, in life, was a rich wall street trader and who was obsessed with greed and the gaining of money and power might be able to feed off the greed of others.

The most common of these emotional parasites are Nightmares, spirits who feed off of fear. For some reason, fear seems to be a rich source of energy for these ghosts, allowing them to take hold of a living host for a shorter period of time and then leave to find another. Most other types of parasites try to “hang on” to a single host as long as possible, until dislodged by accident or purposefully by the host.

An interesting note about parasites and other “purposeful” ghosts is that they do not retain the physical structure they had in life. A normal, inactive spirit will look very much the same as it did in life, while an active spirit will morph its form to serve its new purpose. Parasitic ghosts seem to change in two patterns, with every one unique somehow. Either they will remain human-sized and upright, and develop long, tentacular hands and fingers that the spirit will wrap around its host, or it will become much smaller, crouching on all fours and latching onto the body of the host. This really has no practical application, I just think it’s kind of interesting.

For information on how to diagnose a spiritual parasite, defend oneself against them, or forcibly remove one when it has latched on, see the section titled “AAAAAAAAAAH! How can I defend myself?”


Hello, everybody. Before I start talking about many confusing things, perhaps a bit of a basics introduction is warranted.

*Disclaimer!* There will be many things in this blog that I cannot explain, and many things I do not know to be true. Many of the “grand high concepts” that I’m going over now are examples of these things.

First off, you need to know about Ghosts. A ghost is an entity left behind by a person when they die, a sort of impression left behind made up of some kind of energy that permeates living humans. This energy is kind of “left over” after the death of a body, though a ghost does not have any way of producing more itself. (see Things That Go Bump for some of the types of ghost and their strategies at maintaining their existence).

The major concept to understand about ghosts is that they act like the idea of a person. Ghosts are not limited by physical barriers, but only by “ideas” that humans place on things with their belief and subconscious implication. For example, a brick wall is a physical barrier and the idea of a barrier. It is a symbol of a boundary, and would limit both a ghost and a human. A cliff face is a natural barrier, and would limit a human (being a physical wall) but not a ghost since it was not constructed by human hands and intended to be a barrier. Conversely, a police caution tape might not be a physical boundary to a human, but it is a psychological boundary, and a ghost could not pass it.

Before I get sucked into more and more specific things that really belong in other sections, I’ll move on.

How do I know all this? Because I am a clairvoyant. There are many different types of “ectomancy”, which is a catch all term for an ability related to interacting or sensing ghosts (I invented most of these terms, or borrowed them and gave them more specific definitions, by the way. It’s hardly a standard.) Clairvoyance is seeing ghosts, and nothing more. My mind comes into contact with the energy that ghosts give off, and I was lucky enough that it decided to interpret that energy into my dominant sense- as visual images. There are many, many types of Ectomancy, from hearing whispers to seeing lights and foo fighters to feeling changes in temperature or even moods. Many I have not been able to verify, but I have met several people and tested them, and they were able to sense ghosts that I was a very good amount of the time. I’ll cover those in more detail in the section I’ll title “Ectomancy and what the hell it is.”

The other thing is, I don’t know what happens after a ghost goes away. Many people seem to think ghosts are the last step in whatever process we go through in life, but I know that’s wrong. Ghosts fade away, and go somewhere else after they do. Maybe they just wink out for good. Maybe they join the great big circle of life. Pearly gates? Land of the dead? reincarnation? Who knows? Not me. This is a purely secular blog, and it’ll stay that way til I find proof of otherwise.

Anything else is probably more specifics, so I’ll leave this intro post at that. I hope to have a few more posts over the next few days, getting into some of the most important things that may affect you and ways you can keep yourself safe. one of the major reasons for this blog is that information is literally power against some of the nastier things out there, and as a couple of people have already experienced, a little protection can really help you out. So stay tuned.

Well, as far as I can tell, it’s some manner of blog. It’s been sitting there for some time, attached to the username I use to view Nonnie’s posts (universedust. Good stuff) and I haven’t had much use for it. After the new years party happenin’s of this year, I thought maybe some people might be curious about the crazy mixed up world of the paranormal that I’m so bad at explaining. Maybe they’d even like some information about things that go bump and how they work.

Well, if you just jumped in your chair and cheered, or something, then this is for you! Hope you enjoy my horribly designed, laid out piece of junk. Maybe somebody tech savvy (like everyone’s favorite professional cyber-stalker whose name rhymes with Wooten Zech) would like to tell me how to make this here internet thing work.

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