So before I get back to posting a few more interesting stories, I thought I might throw out a little bit of information on the living spirit. Please note that to avoid religious misunderstanding, I will try to avoid use of the word soul, as definitions of that word vary so widely that I’ll end up offending somebody.

The living spirit is essentially a person’s ghost, before they die. When a person’s body passes away, the spirit is left behind to exist on its own for a while. before death, however, the spirit exists within a person’s body.

There are a few vital differences between a living spirit and a deceased one. For one thing, the energy that holds spirits together is being continuously supplied to a living spirit, so they exist indefinitely. Secondly, the spirit does not have an independent consciousness from the body it inhabits. Essentially, your spirit is your consciousness, or the part of it that matters, and it should be considered a part of you rather than anything separate.

The spirit is highly resilient to harm, but emotional trauma can harm it, and a parasite can drain it of energy. A telltale sign of a damaged, flagging spirit is a state of mental exhaustion, tiredness not brought on by the body or direct psychological stress, but simple emotional drain.

Usually, the spirit of a person will mimic the body that they’re in. this makes it all but invisible to myself and other clairvoyants, though other ectomancers who pick up signals from nearby entities in a more indirect way will often be able to pinpoint a living spirit if the person is alone. In a crowded area, the signals from living beings are often filtered out as static, allowing ghosts to be sensed and singled out as abnormal signals.

Sometimes, however, a person has a clearly distinct image of themself, separate from their living body. When a person truly, honestly believes that they way they should be is different than the way they look, their spirit will often reflect that. For instance, people with lost limbs will often have a spiritual “ghost limb” coming from the stump of the missing one. The mind still believes it should be there, subliminally, so it is reflected in the spirit. Another quite common instance is people who are transgendered. If they truly believe that they are the incorrect sex, their spirit will be at disharmony with their physical body, often quite drastically different. From my standpoint, this fact adds quite a bit of credence to the fact that a person’s gender can be different from their physical sex, but I would like to avoid a political argument with any who disagree, so I will leave it at that.