Let me establish that I’m not some Madame Blavatsky-type. I am an engineering student in the Boston area. My approach to the paranormal is highly logical. I like to think of the whole science of the “unknown” as instead a study of the “not known yet.” At one point, every new concept was unknown, and often seemed like utter fantasy. Talking about modern medicine, the way the body really works, to a medieval barber-surgeon would probably get you laughed at.

Though in this instance, I have a unique problem. Many of the things I uncover, phenomena I can see, are utterly and frustratingly unprovable to the rest of the world. That’s one of the reasons for this blog. I can throw this out here, completely anonymous, and anyone who wishes to trust my advice can take it, while others can disregard it entirely. Hopefully, I can improve the lives of a few with this knowledge, and get people more informed about this strange science of the paranormal.

As for myself, I got involved with the whole crazy mixed up world of energy flow and the way it affects our lives initially through the world of ghosts I can see. I have, however, been exposed to more and more interesting concepts that stray from the path I’ve been studying, and more into what I would call “magic” by my girlfriend, a devout wiccan. Her blog, universe dust, while a more traditional personal type blog thing, is also an interesting look into that type of magic, something I don’t understand enough to talk about in here.