One of the easiest direct ways to get rid of a ghost that you know, or think you know, is there is through the use of a circle charm.

The concept is that since ghosts are stopped by the idea of a barrier, you can create a barrier simply by imagining one, if there is a symbolic entity to denote the boundary.

I call this a circle charm, but it could just as easily be a triangle charm, square charm, or what have you. I’ve just noticed that people tend to be able to draw nearer-to-perfect circles than any other shape.

Step one, enclose yourself in a drawn circle. You can use chalk, pencil, or even string or a line drawn in sand. What matters is that the circle be enclosed and unbroken, and that you are in it (along with whatever spirit you want to trap).

Step two: The tricky step. You have to imagine that the circle you’ve drawn is a barrier, a force field. Put your hands out to the edge of the barrier and imagine you can feel it pushing back. Close your eyes and see it shimmering there, concentrate on that image, truly believe it to be there.

Step three. Carefully step out of the circle, and imagine the barrier pulling back at you as you step through, closing shut behind you. Do not break the circle in any way.
And that’s it. If performed correctly, the ghost will be left behind within the circle, trapped until the circle is broken. At this point, you could choose to move on to banishing the spirit, getting rid of it entirely, or if you’re not the destroying type, you could perform this charm in an out of the way area, and simply leave the ghost there and go home, or back to your life, or whatever. It is a common misconception that parasitic ghosts will “haunt” a particular person. In reality, this is only because the person is the most desirable target at the time. If you leave, the ghost will, when released, just wander until it finds another host.

One more thing that is sometimes used as a back up to a circle charm is leaving an anathema suited to the particular ghost inside the circle. This will strengthen the hold the circle has on the ghost, and even a weak circle will hold a ghost for long enough for you to get away.