One of the easiest ways that most people dislodge parasitic entities is by passing through a threshold. As was explained before, ghosts respond to ideas of things, meanings placed on physical objects by people. The most effective method of dislodging a ghost is through the use of a symbol of protection, the idea of a wall.

There are many physical walls that are not meant to be barriers. A public office building or store is not meant to hold people out, it’s meant to invite them in. Therefore, a ghost would come with you were you to pass through the door and into the building. A building that is a symbol of protection, however, such as a person’s own home or whatever place they see as home, or a place that many people feel is protected, like a place of worship, police office, bank vault, bunker, etc, will turn spirits away at the door, even if the door is opened to let a living person through. This is called the threshold effect, and it is a particularly effective method of removing an unwanted spirit.

The only time a threshold will fail is if the ghost has “burrowed in” sufficiently that it has gained access to within the host’s aura. The ghost can then pass into a person’s physical body, and bypass the threshold, no matter how strong. At this point, strong foci and some kind of concerted banishment are recommended.

99% of the time, a person who is unknowingly harboring a spiritual entity will pass through a threshold or remove it some way by accident, before it has reached this point. A ghost will have to have been in place for months. This most commonly happens when a person moves to a new and unfamiliar place that they have yet to place meaning to. A person moving to a new house, for example, will not see it as “home” and spirits would find it easy to pass through the threshold at will. to be safe, when moving to a new place, carrying a focus object with oneself is recommended for the first few months, until you are familiar with the area and feel you “fit in”.