A manifestation is any kind of influence a spirit has on the physical world. This does not include a parasitic draining of energy, since that energy only exists in an “idea” sense and not a physical sense.

Manifestations are among the most difficult to explain concepts I’ve witnessed, as it doesn’t seem like they should be possible. A ghost is just the “idea” of a person, therefore they should never, under any circumstances, be able to do anything physically, like vibrating air to create voices, noises, moving objects, or anything.

Nonetheless, they do, occasionally or in some cases, quite frequently. I do not know why.

Most all manifestations occur from a Celebrity Ghost seeking attention, though inactive spirits have been known to manifest once or twice around loved ones it remembers from its past life. Manifestations seem to cost a lot of energy, and therefore are generally short, and followed by a period of recovery, or, in the case of an inactive spirit, accelerated decay. Celebrity ghosts generally manifest to gain attention, and therefore energy, in whatever way they do from the attention given to them.

General trends in manifestations include the mimicking of a human voice through apparently vibrating the air, short bursts of physical force, such as knocking an object around, and bending light in such a way that the ghost appears to have physical form to anyone looking. Sustained manipulation of any physical object or substance seems incredibly difficult for a ghost, so instances of hovering objects, etc are probably fabricated.

One of the major problems with researching manifestations is that so much of it is fabricated, much like researching forms of ectomancy. For every one real case of a celebrity ghost manifesting for attention, there are probably five living humans doing things for a similar reason.