Inactive spirits make up the majority of the supernatural world. Generally speaking, they are the ghosts that you never hear about on paranormal shows, in tabloid newspapers, and the ghosts you should never ever worry about.

An inactive spirit is the spirit of a person who has no reason to stick around in the physical world once becoming a ghost. They look generally like the person that they were when they died, and for the most part they will stand still and stare in one direction for however long their energy lasts. Then they will disappear completely.

while this may sound rather melancholy, inactive spirits are the most comfortable with the world. Consider it a blessing if a loved one dies and you never hear anything from them again, because odds are they’ll simply stand around wherever they died or wherever they’re buried until they fade away, going on to whatever you choose to believe in afterwards. inactive spirits are at peace with the world and their place in it.

While inactive spirits never really seem that interesting to study, they do give some good information in terms of having a large number of subjects to test and examine. For that reason, I’ve compiled some data concerning inactive entities and their life cycle.

The span of time that an inactive entity is around generally works inversely to their age at death. Essentially, the older the spirit was in life, the less time it’ll take for them to fade out. The timespan ranges from a matter of hours or minutes at advanced ages to years only a few years after birth. As an inactive entity ages, it loses definition (to my sight, at least). When a person looks down at themselves, they generally see hands, torso, some leg and toes. Any other part of a spirit, the back, the majority of the leg, the back of the head, tends to fade quickest. As time goes on, even the parts that the spirit clearly remembers seem to stretch and warp, lending an aged inactive ghost a very bizarre appearance. In time, they will become a sort of amorphous blob of energy, then they will fade out entirely.

The only thing that seems to get some kind of reaction from inactive ghosts is ectomancy. They (and other kinds of spirit) seem to sense when a person is trying to get a bead on them, whether it’s me trying to shift into my clairvoyancy, or a clairaudient listening in, or what have you. Their heads turn, and they may even move towards the person.

It is not unheard of for an inactive spirit to manifest some way similar to a celebrity spirit. This is generally to contact a living  loved one, child, or friend, and generally only happens once or twice until fading. These nearly inactive spirits are spirits with some purpose they want to achieve before moving on, and generally will lapse into total inactivity after this message is sent or purpose achieved.