Hunter spirits are predatory, draining energy in a manner similar to Nightmares and other parasites, but rather than human hosts, they appear to feed on inactive or active spirits. When a hunter attacks a spirit, it will appear to pounce upon the spirit and begin to eat it in a manner similar to a predatory creature.

Since spirits are a very finite source of energy, Hunters need many potential targets. They appear to be territorial in some way, attacking other hunters as a priority over inactive spirits, though the latter would be easier prey. Hunter spirits appear nearly exclusively in areas of dense population, because of the abundance of inactive spirits for prey.

Hunter spirits are not a threat to living humans.

Hunters appear to walk on all fours, usually humanoid but with teeth and claws. Usually they have no visible eyes, and are often wearing defined clothing, uncommon among ghosts.

I theorize that hunter spirits are those who murdered other people in life, and became obsessed with killing. They are attracted to weapons as anathema, though they do not stay on them for long, as they don’t give them a source of energy.

Hunter spirits do not attack Wraiths and are often destroyed by celebrity ghosts.