Foci (the plural of focus) are another excellent first line of defense against ghosts. They are symbolic objects that you hold dear. Anything you feel strengthens you spiritually could be a focus, and the most effective for keeping nasty things away are symbols that you believe protect you. remember, that since a ghost is the idea of a person, something that is a symbol of protection against harmful things will actually protect you. Foci are one of the major reasons that one of the best places to be if you want to be rid of spirits is a place you think of as home. Not only are we unconsciously more secure in our homes, which contributes to the threshold effect (explained in a different post) we are usually surrounded by symbols of safety and protection. Pictures of our loved ones. Symbols of faith.

In this ironic way, superstition can aid a person against spiritual entities. Old wives tales, good luck charms, and the like may do nothing realistically, but if a person truly believes in them and places faith in them, they can help against hostile spirits.

What makes a good focus? If you’re going to carry it around with you, a small object that you can wear as a piece of jewelry (most popular and effective are religious symbols.) something light (like a love letter, small picture, something like that) and most importantly, something you feel has a “protective” aura. These objects serve to fortify the person unconsciously. Not everyone wants to be suspicious, jumping at shadows at the time, and foci give us that assurance. sure, a person always on the alert for ghostly predators would be very safe from them just by making themselves an unattractive target, but what kind of life would that be? Foci are always useful as long as the person attaches meaning to them.

A word of caution: your foci will protect you and you alone. They are different from enchanted objects in that they do not carry energy inside themselves, they work to bolster the energy of the user. Therefore, a man of the cloth might be totally protected by a wooden cross amulet, but if he handed it to an atheist man, he would gain nothing. A focus will not protect your loved ones, your friends, anyone but you. If you’re looking for a way to protect another person, the easiest thing to do would be to bring them to their room, their space. Surround them in objects that they may or may not place meaning in, and odds are they will be better protected than anywhere else.