Well, if you’ve clicked on the category and are now reading this post, you’re probably curious about what I keep calling Ectomancy.

It’s a term I heard once that means “ghost magic” and I like it because it sounds fancy. I use it as a catch all term for any kind of sensing, communicative, or unconscious ability that a living human has involving ghosts. There are many different kinds, and though they seem to follow some general patterns, they inevitably vary wildly.

Most common are sensing abilities. The human brain does not have a means of interpreting the energy given off by ghosts or the living aura of people, and oftentimes it chooses to ignore that information entirely, filing it away in a bin in your brain labeled “does not compute.” However, many people find themselves experiencing strange phenomena in their senses when subject to paranormal experiences. Either, A, a spirit has manifested itself into the physical world and it is trying to make itself felt, or, B, a person’s brain is interpreting the uncomputable information as sensory input that it understands.

Take myself, for instance. I have extremely good vision, capable of reading a book in near darkness, seeing details others miss, and reading every freaking row in that eye chart they give you at the doctors so easily they get out a smaller chart. It appears that when faced with information it didn’t understand, my brain “made believe” that it was receiving visual input, and when I look for them, I can “see” ghosts.

For many people without a dominant sense, the information they receive is garbled and mixed, anywhere from shivers to a feeling of unease to audible static and all kinds of other stuff. In this section I hope to document every ability I’ve confirmed or have heard about but not confirmed yet. My confirmation test involves personally meeting a person claiming to be able to sense ghosts in some way and testing them on various entities I see. If they can sense over 90% of the entities that I can see with my own eyes, I count that ability as “confirmed. ” Nearly all confirmed abilities will wind up in this section, unless I am asked not to put them on here.

In theory, Ectomancy should be totally unique to each person, making it impossible to categorize. However, many trends appear, and many abilities I cannot explain satisfactorily. I hope to someday gain enough information to say for sure what causes a person to manifest these talents, and what causes them to not. Now, I have no clue.

Finally, I would like to say that not all abilities seem to come from the brain. There are some other strange talents that I categorize as “ectomancy” that are surely not from the brain of the living person’s interpretation of spiritual energy. There are several “unconscious” forms of ectomancy, which I will also cover in this section.