Hey everybody. This is a section on how to easily distinguish the work of a spiritual parasite or other malignant hanger-on from a normal physical or psychological ailment. This is mostly a way to test if there’s really something bad going on in a paranormal sense or not. Most of the time, your chosen brand of therapy, self help psychology, or medical attention will be much much much more effective than any of the spirit banishing techniques found in this section, and it’s very important to be sure that you know what you’re dealing with.

Method one: The easy method.

Do you know an ectomancer? Have they earned your trust in their spiritual detection abilities over the years? possibly the easiest method to determine whether you’ve got a parasite attached to you is to have them check you out. This method may also help in that they may even be able to tell you if you’d had one recently and are still feeling the effects. I would like to stress how important it is that you know for sure that this person is a legitimate ectomancer. Do not go to madame Glizinda at the fair. Also (to the extent of my knowledge) it is impossible to know whether a person is spiritually affected any way except face to face. Phone, skype, etc etc do not work.

Method two: Self-evaluation.

It’s obvious you have a reason for believing there’s something attached to you. Maybe you just don’t feel right. Maybe you have been having a string of nasty nightmares one after another, the kind that return in all their intensity as soon as you fall back asleep. Maybe you feel angry, sad, or horny all the time towards everyone for no reason at all, and you’re suspicious about it. Whatever it is, you have to look at yourself. Is there any other reason you might feel this way. Experiment by probing your thoughts for things that normally make you feel a certain way, and see if whatever emotion in question pervades them. If it seems like the emotion is being placed there intentionally, or heightened artificially, you may be under the effects of a parasite. Remember that spiritual parasites latch onto one emotion or feeling to the exclusion of all others. If you can think of any reason you may be feeling this, deep down, it may be a better idea to seek psychological therapy rather than spiritual.

Method three: Second Opinion.

If you are performing method 2 on yourself, this is a good idea to include. Approach a trusted friend, lover, parent, or advisor, and ask about your recent behavior. If they notice that something is off about you, or that you don’t seem like yourself, then it may be a good idea to look through a few of the other articles in this section, on anathema, foci, and removal methods. Again, if these don’t seem to change anything, a counselor or psychologist may be a better alternative.