Clairvoyancy is a form of ectomancy in which a person can shift their vision to see ghostly entities, whether consciously or unconsciously. The ghosts generally appear as monochromatic, semi-opaque forms that appear to be placed “on top of” the rest of the world. Clairvoyancy may happen to a person whose dominant sense is eyesight, and whose other senses are somehow impaired. It is important to note that a genuine clairvoyant will never be able to communicate with ghosts, hear them speaking to them, or anything besides see them, unless subject to a manifestation of that ghost, in which case all others in the area will experience the same phenomena.

An inexperienced clairvoyant may take several minutes of intense concentration to shift his or her vision to be able to see ghosts.

Clairvoyancy is a frequently faked form of ectomancy.