To avoid confusion, celebrity ghosts are not the ghosts of living celebrities, though they could be. Celebrity ghosts are a kind of active spirit that seem to thrive off the knowledge that they exist directed to them by living humans. Essentially, they seek attention and fame, and the more people come to look for them and think about them, the more energy is unconsciously given off that the ghost seems to be able to absorb.

Of all ghosts, celebrities seem to have and use the most energy. They manifest regularly, usually around groups of people, and have a very defined, often unique appearance that they maintain. They often conform to the image that people have of them, have very distinct, detailed features, and manifest visually to show them off. They are the only kind of ghost that seems to be able to direct their energy to destroy other spirits, as they often do so to defend themselves against hunter spirits.

They are more animated than any other ghost, moving arms and legs to simulate regular, living movement, rather than just coasting around.

Celebrity ghosts are often well known and have a staked territory where they exist, such as a “haunted house” or other such area.

Celebrity ghosts can be a danger to humans in a physical sense, capable of manipulating objects in the physical world and potentially harming a person. They will never leave their staked territory, however, so leaving is the best defense.

They are particularly distracted by mirrors as an anathema, and can be lured around a building with one.

It is a good idea not to try provoking a celebrity ghost into manifesting. They often will, and occasionally will attempt violence.