Hello, everybody. Before I start talking about many confusing things, perhaps a bit of a basics introduction is warranted.

*Disclaimer!* There will be many things in this blog that I cannot explain, and many things I do not know to be true. Many of the “grand high concepts” that I’m going over now are examples of these things.

First off, you need to know about Ghosts. A ghost is an entity left behind by a person when they die, a sort of impression left behind made up of some kind of energy that permeates living humans. This energy is kind of “left over” after the death of a body, though a ghost does not have any way of producing more itself. (see Things That Go Bump for some of the types of ghost and their strategies at maintaining their existence).

The major concept to understand about ghosts is that they act like the idea of a person. Ghosts are not limited by physical barriers, but only by “ideas” that humans place on things with their belief and subconscious implication. For example, a brick wall is a physical barrier and the idea of a barrier. It is a symbol of a boundary, and would limit both a ghost and a human. A cliff face is a natural barrier, and would limit a human (being a physical wall) but not a ghost since it was not constructed by human hands and intended to be a barrier. Conversely, a police caution tape might not be a physical boundary to a human, but it is a psychological boundary, and a ghost could not pass it.

Before I get sucked into more and more specific things that really belong in other sections, I’ll move on.

How do I know all this? Because I am a clairvoyant. There are many different types of “ectomancy”, which is a catch all term for an ability related to interacting or sensing ghosts (I invented most of these terms, or borrowed them and gave them more specific definitions, by the way. It’s hardly a standard.) Clairvoyance is seeing ghosts, and nothing more. My mind comes into contact with the energy that ghosts give off, and I was lucky enough that it decided to interpret that energy into my dominant sense- as visual images. There are many, many types of Ectomancy, from hearing whispers to seeing lights and foo fighters to feeling changes in temperature or even moods. Many I have not been able to verify, but I have met several people and tested them, and they were able to sense ghosts that I was a very good amount of the time. I’ll cover those in more detail in the section I’ll title “Ectomancy and what the hell it is.”

The other thing is, I don’t know what happens after a ghost goes away. Many people seem to think ghosts are the last step in whatever process we go through in life, but I know that’s wrong. Ghosts fade away, and go somewhere else after they do. Maybe they just wink out for good. Maybe they join the great big circle of life. Pearly gates? Land of the dead? reincarnation? Who knows? Not me. This is a purely secular blog, and it’ll stay that way til I find proof of otherwise.

Anything else is probably more specifics, so I’ll leave this intro post at that. I hope to have a few more posts over the next few days, getting into some of the most important things that may affect you and ways you can keep yourself safe. one of the major reasons for this blog is that information is literally power against some of the nastier things out there, and as a couple of people have already experienced, a little protection can really help you out. So stay tuned.